About us

Rinocca is a product design studio and a furniture manufacturer based in Skopje Macedonia. 

We characterize our work as a honest design. Our highlights are on working with natural materials and our goals to create sustainable and renewable pieces of furniture. Our design has a strong character but we also leave space for personalization. We put a lot of effort on details over which you can recognize our work. 


It was launched in 2015 by designer Katerina Trpkovska who first put
the focus on decorative lighting.
After one year of brake, working in different fields in the creative
industries, in 2017 she merged forces with engineer Despina Zdravkova
and expand the production.
In 2018 they launched the Rinocca Evolution Collection that was set out
at the Belgrade furniture fair the same year.

The process of creating a product

Every single product from Rinocca is either completely handmade or
finished by hand. We see each piece as something very personal,
something that the buyer will cherish. Every worker in Rinocca is a
wood lover. We think that wood is simply timeless. The material is
carefully selected and processed and we all leave our trace on every

The process of designing

Sometimes the idea comes in a blink of an eye. But the process of
designing the final product lasts longer. Sometimes the product
continues to change for years in order to become perfect.

Contract Solutions

Rinocca production meets all the criteria needed to realize contract
projects – such as hotels.


Young Balkan Designers 2015 – Winning the final with Design Concept for space heater

House of Thousand Designers 2017 – Winner in the category floor lamp for “Kran”

Belgrade furniture fair 2017 – Winning the Golden Key for best young designer

Belgrade furniture fair 2017 – Winning the Golden Key for best product for “Kran”

Meet us

Despina Zdravkova



Tel: +389 77 952 692

Anja Kalin


Katerina Trpkovska

Owner & Designer


Tel: +389 70 390 718

Zoran Trpkovski