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About us

What is Rinocca


A foundation with the main goal of improving the quality of life for each of our clients. We, as a young team of devoted people who by continuous improvement, hard work and commitment to the core of our existence are doing what we know best, and that is bespoke furniture with focus on uncompromising quality.

In the studio we invent our products from scratch. During the creating process, the genuine passion for fine material, and eco awareness as imperative is always in the back of our mind.

In the workshop we produce our products very conscious about the good emotion we want to evoke in the people and by making long lasting products we know that we are doing the right thing… we make that good emotion to be there longer.   

The philosophy

Our origin has a big impact on our perspective and how we construct our products. Our lifeline taught us how to rethink and rebuild in life in order to make it more affordable, so we use that to achieve our goal which is to make good quality and honest design accessible to more people. And to make it acceptable by more people, we make a playful mix of our origin and the international. This is the philosophy we believe in, and we know it makes a positive micro impact globally.  

With our experience in the studio and workshop based in Skopje, we can be a reliable partner in every project where top quality delivered on schedule is needed. 


Young Balkan Designers 2015 – Winning the final with Design Concept for space heater

House of Thousand Designers 2017 – Winner in the category floor lamp for “Kran”

Belgrade furniture fair 2017 – Winning the Golden Key for best young designer

Belgrade furniture fair 2017 – Winning the Golden Key for best product for “Kran”

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