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Designed for NUNC

Four simple elements – bases, wooden bars, metal couplings and fabric partitions participate in a harmonious play, forming a modular partition structure of infinite combining possibilities.
A play of lights and shadows on the surfaces of upholstered partitions that meet at an angle, crisscrossed with numerous vertical impressions in the color of warm wood, lend the Taraba divider its harmonious and playful look.

What is Nunc?

Nunc is now.
Nunc is furniture manufactured in Croatia, in the Slavonia region, in the town of Đakovo. The products are designed by authors who come from the wider region and who materialized their design ideas by using an invaluable natural resource from Slavonia – durable, high quality, timeless and beautiful timber.
The tradition and culture of everyday life, and the traditional design of utilitarian items are reinterpreted in contemporary language, combined with modern technology, resulting in the timeless aesthetics of simplicity present in every “now”.
Nunc is what follows.
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